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Raven, the first of all creatures, and is the most important Aboriginal Deity. With his white (and later, black) feathers, his waddling walk, his croaking voice and great beak, he cuts a comic shape. He is capricious, mercurial and playful. He is also easily bored, constantly on the look out for something to do.


Frog is a bit of mystery. She will show up at any time and is apt to tell the strangest stories, which more often than not turn of true. Frog also keeps the action moving, often suggesting to Raven or Eagle a possible action for them to take.


Eagle was born sometime shortly after Raven and is both his brother and in many ways his rival. He stands tall and has a deep booming voice. Eagle is more than a little vain, a bit self-conscious and always keeping watch over Raven, who is always getting them into trouble.


The Great Spirit is the father and creator of all things. He tends to stay out of the way these days, but in the land of the first people he is a frequent visitor and is the focus of many of Frog’s stories.


Wina (‘Strong-Back’) is the natural leader of the group, and when the first people face challenges, it is usually Wina who they look to for answers. He often gets impatient with Raven and is the first to question his schemes. Husband to Abas, Wina has two children, a boy named Winadzi and a little girl named Dza.


Gwai (‘Land’) is the strongest of the first people, but he has a gentle, kind soul and the hands of an artist. He delights in making totems and other works from the woods around the village, and he makes colourlful paint to decorate them with from the berries, bark and ashes. Gwai is the husband of Gwaiyum, and they have a little boy named Widi.


Q’os is the clumsy comic relief of the First People, but he makes up for it in his loyalty to his friends. He is always the first to offer to lend a hand, and he is a common sidekick for anyone looking for a partner in crime (especially Raven). Q’os is the husband of Igis and the father of Klundux, the child of tears.


Although she seldom speaks, as the wife of Wina, she tempers his leadership with kindness. She is caring and compassionate, the mother of twins Winadzi and Dza.


Gwaiyum, like her husband Gwai, is hardy and strong. But unlike him, she is not afraid to speak her mind, and she is usually the one making sure the chores get done, the food is prepared and the kids (Raven too) stay on their best behaviour. She is the mother of Widi.


Igis is both beautiful and smart, and she has a sharp wit that can sometimes border on sarcastic. She is the wife of Q’os, and although they look like an unlikely pair, they are very much in love. Igis was unable to have a child, so she sought out the Witch Dzunukwa to create one, Klundux, from her tears.


The first born of Wina and Abas’ twins, Winadzi is the oldest, stringest and fastest of the children. He can be a bit of a bully at times, but in the end his heart is in the right place. He is pretty mean to his little sister Dza.


Although she is the youngest of Wina’s children and the only girl, Dza can more than keep up with the boys. She is never without her doll, Woodenhead.


The child of Gwai and Gwaiyum, Widi is a dreamer who loves to play games.


Klundux was formed by Dzunukwa from the mud, using the tears of his mother, Igis. He is a frequent companion and friend to Dza.