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Creative Team

Executive Producer (Movie)

Darren Sentner is an experienced senior executive bringing over 20 years of corporate finance, banking and advisory experience to New Machine. Prior to joining the studio, Darren spent 10 years as a Chief Financial Officer with both public and private companies in manufacturing, oilfield and financial services, where he specialized in high-growth and turn-around situations. As an entrepreneur, Darren was a co-owner of an IT consultancy and also ran a corporate finance consulting practice with both domestic and international clients throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Director, Animation Supervisor

Karl grew up in Calgary but earned his BFA (New Media) at the University of Lethbridge. This degree took the traditional concepts of animation, acting, drawing, composition, cinematography and body mechanics and applied them to the digital realm.

As part of his education Karl was brought on as an intern at New Machine Studios where he helped produce the animated short The Silent Film. He along with three other interns created the short film over three months. He was resposible for scprit, storyboarding, character rigging, animation, and even voice acting on the project.

After his internship Karl was brought in full time as an entry level animator, and worked his way through many roles including Layout Artist and Animation Supervisor. He has credit on 21 of the 26 episodes of Raven Tales including co-directing the episode Work and Play.

Director, Animation Supervisor

Jeremy began his career as a character animator and layout artist in an unusual way. He studied engineering at the University of Calgary and excelled academically, but after finishing an engineering artwork course at the top of his class, he decided to switch his focus and began studying art and design theory at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

While he enjoyed the creativity of art and design theory, he missed the precision of mathematics and physics, so once again he switched his academic focus, but this time to animation. Animation was the perfect marriage of Jeremy's interests, and he earned a diploma in digital animation at Sprott-Shaw Community College in Calgary Alberta.

Jeremy joined New Machine Studios in the summer of 2006 as an entry level animator and worked his way up to layout artist, then lead layout artist, setting up key poses for the animation team to in-between as well as technically prepping shots to be animated. In 2010, he co-directed the episode, Work and Play, and directed the final episode of season 02: Musicians of the Sun.

Director, Animation Supervisor

Vince started at New Machine Studios in 2003 as an animator working on small commercial and pitch projects before work started on the Raven Tales pilot episode, How Raven Stole the Sun.

As the series progressed so did he, moving from a junior animator to layout animator, animation supervisor, assistant director until in 2008 he completed work on Episode 19: The Games, his directorial debut.

In addition to working in the animation field, Vince is an active part of an independent comic book studio, Vicious Ambitious. In the past 3 years, His writing and artwork have been published in 11 comic book projects.

Now an independent creator/producer, Vince is currently working on his original television series concept, Future Boy and feature projects Gears and Gilgamesh.

Asset Lead, Lighting Director

Chad began expressing his artistic inclinations at an early age, frequently beautifying the walls of his family home with colorful paintings and experiments with sculpture.

Chad began his film career in set and prop design with F&D Scene Changes, creating various works for Disney and Paramount Pictures. Wanting to develop his skills further, he enrolled at Applied Multimedia in Calgary where he earned a diploma in modeling with concentrations in texturing and lighting.

He began his career in animation production with an internship at a newly-formed Calgary animation house, New Machine Studios in 2003. He quickly distinguished himself with his talent, passion and originality, earning himself a place at the creative center of the budding studio. When New Machine began production of Raven Tales, Chad was named the Production Designer, a role he has held through 4 seasons.

In his past 6 years with New Machine Studios, Chad has continued to expand his artistic and technical prowess, which can be seen in the stunning visuals he has helped to create for our first feature film, The Wizard’s Christmas.

Chad continues to work on a variety of projects, including production design on Wizard's and Raven Tales, and as co-creator of our Future Boy series concept.

So, with various personal and professional projects on the go, Chad hopes to continue to be a creative force, dazzling audiences and peers alike.

Art Director, Writer

Originally from Bellingham, Ontario, Chris Johnston was raised in Calgary and has been able to explore his creative talents through many artistic fields. He began his career as an apprentice at the animation studio AurenyA in 1999, then spent time as a creative lead at a local games studio before joining New Machine Studios to work on the Raven Tales series.

Chris initially joined the production team to work on Raven Tales as a story and concept artist, but his re-imagining of the original pilot characters and inspired designs of new locations, props and characters for the series led to him assuming the role of Art Director and he has since designed the bulk of the series.

Chris began writing episodes for Raven Tales starting with Episode 22, Bukwas, followed by Work and Play and the upcoming episode, The Return of Kulos.

In addition to his design work on Raven Tales, Chris is an important member of the story team at the studio. He co-developed the story and boarded our first feature film project, The Wizard's First Christmas. He is currently hard at work writing our next feature project, the Halloween story, Orange.

His personal projects include a self-published comic book entitled, Jet Pack Mike, which he wrote and illustrated, as well as various other works.

Director, Writer, Editor, Post-Production Supervisor

As head of productions for New Machine Studios, Caleb brings with his a strong sense of visual story telling and six years of animation production management experience.

After completing his classical animation studies at Applied Multimedia Training Center in Calgary, Caleb took on a wide range of creative roles in a three year turn at AurenyA Entertainment Group, where he conceptualized, story-boarded, animated, and directed several commercial and television projects.

At AurenyA, Caleb earned an Assistant Director credit on the award-winning television special, The Elfkins’ First Christmas.

He then moved on to work as a Lead Character Designer and Animator at Orbital Media, a Nintendo console game studio.

One year later, Caleb returned to television animation as the Director and Supervising Story Artist on the multiple award-winning half hour pilot show, Raven Tales: How Raven Stole The Sun, and the critically acclaimed short film, The Big Rock Story. He is currently heading up production of both the Feature Film project, The Wizard's Christmas, and directing the last six episodes of the Raven Tales series.


Joe Thornton is a Métis producer based in Calgary, Alberta with more than 25 years experience as a line-producer, producer, production manager and assistant director in the production of television, direct-to-video and feature film production in Canada and around the world.

His projects include Myth Quest, Nightbreed, Gunsmoke:Return to Dodge and Disney’s Krag.

In 2007, Joe joined the Raven Tales team to assist with production of the second season for the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN).

He is also developing several projects for Television and Feature Film under his own production company, Joe Thornton Productions, in Calgary.

Co-Creator, Art & Story Consultant, Producer

Winadzi has been an artist, carving and painting, for the past 20 years. His culture, the Kwakwakuwakw nation, is his life's breath and gives him centuries worth of stories yet to be told in mainstream media.

He has received several awards for his carvings from local to provincial levels of competition. Coming from a large performing family, Winadzi has been a storyteller for as long as he can remember.

In 1998, Winadzi completed his animation training at the Vancouver film school with both classical and CGI animation certificates. He is listed with APTN's Independent Producers List, after taking part in some native film festivals with his student film, Dawn of Creation, his first attempt to tell the story of how Raven steals the light.

In 2004, Winadzi co-wrote and co-produced the award-winning half-hour CGI animated television show Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun, a pilot for the series which features traditional Haida folktales told using state-of-the-art computer graphics.

He continues to produce and act as an Aboriginal art consultant to the the production.

Co-Creator, Producer, Executive Producer

Colin has been producing commercial animation and independent productions in Calgary since 2001.

A life-long fan of classical and CGI animation, Colin received his CGI character animation certificate in Maya at Mesmer Studios in Seattle, WA, in 2000 before completing his classical animation training at Applied Multimedia in Calgary, in 2001.

Following a yearlong stint at AurenyA studios in Calgary, where Colin was a producer on the award-winning Animated Christmas Special, The Elfkins’ First Christmas, he founded New Machine Studios in the historic Barron building in downtown Calgary.

New Machine’s first original production, How Raven Stole the Sun,has been awarded at more than 30 film festivals and competitions around the world. It has been the centerpiece of numerous special exhibitions at museums and Schools around the world, and has sold thousands of copies via the show’s website.

Colin is the producer, writer and co-director of New Machine's Studio's first feature film project, The Wizard's Christmas, which will be released in time for the holidays in 2011.

Creator, Writer, Director, Executive Producer

For the past ten years Chris Kientz has worked as an independent Producer and animator developing multimedia projects for commercial clients in both Canada and the United States. He has scripted, produced and directed award winning video, animation, interactive media and web sites for clients including Ritche Bros. Auctioneers and Digital Dispatch Systems. Most recently Chris has been producing CGI animation and interactive media content for the United States Department of Defense.

As part of his work for the DOD, Chris was credited with scripting and developing the educational video and interactive elements of the The Navajo Code Talkers display at the Fort Huachuca Museum of Military history in New Mexico.

Growing up among the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi people of New Mexico gave Chris a great respect for North American Aboriginal Art and Culture. Raven Tales represents the culmination of this interest.

In 2004, Chris co-wrote, co-directed and Executive Produced the award winning half-hour CGI animated television show.