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Spring has arrived and the children are at play. They see a tiny mouse who warns the children that a great flood is coming, and that they must go to higher ground. Over the next few days, they try to warn their parents, who remain skeptical. Raven and Eagle just laugh at them, and Frog simply advised them that they were told to do it themselves, so they should find a way. That night, everything of value is taken from the village as the people sleep. Suddenly all the parents wake up and see that not only has everything been stolen, but also the children are missing and crying out to them. They run toward the cries of help, up to the top of a great hill where they find the children surrounding a pile of their possessions. They begin to get angry when down the hill the Sea erupts in great waves that destroy the village. They look down at the children. You tried to warn us, and we wouldn’t listen. The mouse appears and transforms into Mouse woman. You have lost your village, but you have been saved, she squeaks, but the adults cannot understand her. A child turns to them and explains that she is saying you must learn to listen to even the smallest among you. Even a mouse can roar.

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