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The children are playing in the forest, making up games and competing with one another. Winadzi climbs too high onto a rock wall, but he's too proud to admit he is too scared to come down. Raven comes and tells him the story of how he tricked the great bear, who was always bragging of his great strength and bullying the other animals. Raven challenged the Great Bear to prove his strength by jumping to the small rocks off the coast, something that Raven and the other birds could do easily. Initially the Great Bear declined, but Raven questioned the Bear’s strength and courage and his pride drove him to accept. They jumped from rock to rock, each just a little bit farther than the last, until they were too far to jump back without help. Rather than admit he was weak, Bear decided to stay out on the rock until finally he turned to stone; and the rock remains on the beach to this day to teach the people humility.

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