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Raven Tales: The Movie

Building on the wildly successful TV franchiseRaven Tales: The Movie brings your favourite trickster Raven, his brother Eagle and their friends the first people to the big screen in an exciting new adventure!

A villager almost drowns in a devastating winter storm, only to find himself hunted by a mysterious creature Bukwas. Meanwhile, the First People are dealing with a family stranded on the far side of the island, destroyed fishing boats, open revolt of the island animals, an increasingly controlling Eagle, and a decidedly unhelpful Trickster of a Raven! Join them as they confront the mysterious Bukwas, and discover what happens when he finally catches his "prize”. 

FORMAT: 82min. CGI Animated with painted 2D elements and backgrounds.

TARGET AUDIENCE: While the primary target audience is 4-8 years of age, the visual style, humour and situations of the movie should appeal to all ages.

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